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RDGCC Local Rules
The RDGCC Dress Code Policy is meant to respect the game of golf and maintain the culture and tradition of golf while maintaining good taste and decorum standards. Our dress code is always in effect on the course and Clubhouse. Members are responsible for their attire and that of their guests. Members, please advise your guests of the Club's dress code before they arrive at the Club.

Soft spikes or spikeless footwear only. Golf-specific sandals are permitted.

Blue jeans, in good condition, are permitted in the clubhouse area only. Good condition is defined as without holes or tears.

Untailored shorts, cut-offs, sweat pants (tops and bottoms), gym, cycling, skateboarding shorts, overalls, and pants in poor condition are not allowed. Large decals, offensive language or depictions are not allowed. Fitness wear, exercise and yoga pants are not allowed. Please be respectful of all members and guests when choosing golf attire (family-friendly).

Male attire:
Golf shirts with collars or mock necks are permitted. Tank tops, muscle shirts, tee shirts may not be worn.

Female attire:
Collarless shirts and dresses are permitted, provided the shirt/dress is golf-specific (sold as golf attire). The minimum length for tailored dresses, skirts or shorts is expected to be reasonable (mid-thigh to kneecap). Leggings are permitted as a layer under shorts or skirts. Tailored slacks, golf pants and capris are permitted. Tank tops, halters, tube tops, cropped tops are not allowed.

All caps must be worn forward facing on the golf course, practise facilities, and in the Clubhouse. Gentlemen may not wear headwear on the second level of the Clubhouse (dining room).

All staff have the right to ask anyone to become compliant with the dress code.
Please silence all cell phones and wireless communication devices in the Clubhouse.  Limit their use on the course and maintain pace of play.
All interior areas of the Clubhouse are designated as non-smoking.  Tobacco products are not available for sale in the Clubhouse or Golf Shop.