Winter Update

Well the staff have been hard at work reorganizing and doing cleanup in and around the turfcare facility. The Tree work is now on hold until the weather gets better and makes the course more accessible. There were a number of trees removed or pruned this fall and I am very happy with the outcome. There was a lot of consideration put in to which trees would be removed and why. All the trees  removed were in an area where other trees planted years ago could take the place of the poplars. This will give these other more desirable species a opportunity to flourish. In other areas the poplars were choking out spruce or other trees in the close proximity. Most poplars here at Red Deer are ending their life cycle and in turn some of these are becoming dangerous. For this reason we will continue to do tree inventory to keep the trees that are still in good shape and cull the trees that could become a hazard.

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