Winter of 2017

Well this sure has been a strange winter to say the least. Warm, then freezing cold, and now back to very warm temperatures again. the last few weeks we have reached highs of around plus 9. This is NOT the best situation for our golf course. Melting snow can bring water to the turf surface which in turn forms ice. Poa in particular does not like to be incased in ice. We have been monitoring the greens and as of yet have not seen any serious ice problems. The weekend is supposed to bring warm temperatures again and we are hoping that the snow cover we presently have will stand up to the temperatures and protect the turf.

We are now in the new turfcare maintenance facility and what a difference!!! Feel free to drop by and check it out.

All the rest of the winter work is continuing along with black knot removal, equipment repairs, and shop preparation for the upcoming season. The greenhouse will be firing up sometime in the middle of February for the preparation of plants for this year.

Again we are very excited about the upcoming season and cant wait to get back to the turf!!!!

Heath Koch

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