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Hawk’s Alley Update

Good Afternoon, We have received further clarification from Alberta Health Services.  We are pleased to announce that we can have one household (same address on ID) in the building using one simulator at a time.  Two or more people (same household) can book up to 2 hours of simulator time.  Individual members can still only book one hour Read More

January 12, 2021

We are all very excited to welcome you to 2021 and the golf season, which is a short few months away.  The Board has approved some changes to operations for the upcoming season.  The remainder of the email will detail these changes and information that will help explain what is currently happening at the Club Read More

December 18, 2020

I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and can enjoy this pleasant winter weather.  Be extra careful on the extremely icy sidewalks! This note will likely not be the final one from the Club this year.  The materials that we have been waiting for to finish off Hawk’s Alley were just Read More

December 7, 2020

Dear Members, One week of the new restrictions down, and hopefully no more than two weeks to go.  We appreciate how challenging things are right now and hope you and your loved ones are well. Hawk’s Alley – UPDATE We are hopeful that we will open Hawk’s Alley later this week or early next week. As Read More

November 27, 2020

We sincerely hope that you are well and healthy and not too adversely affected by Covid-19. Hawk’s Alley In last week’s email, I mentioned that I would have some positive news regarding Hawk’s Alley this week.  I do, but not as good as I had hoped.  The space’s renovation is mostly complete, with the final Read More

November 20, 2020

I am delighted to announce that Amanda Holweg is the new Executive Chef at Red Deer Golf & Country Club.  Amanda is a Red Seal Chef and has been the Executive Sous Chef at the Club since the spring 2019. Having observed her passion and skill for her work, the people she works with, and Read More

November 13, 2020

I hope you are all doing well and keeping healthy.  I am pleased to give you a brief update on what’s happening at the Club, and I hope it brings some positive vibes to your day! On Course Winter Activities Now that winter has arrived, we are pleased to announce that cross country skiing is Read More

October 16, 2020

However good a year it has been, and I believe it has been excellent, it is still sad to be writing this message with snow coming down heavily outside on October 16.  We all sincerely hope you have had a great experience at the Club this year.  As we look ahead to 2021, we are Read More

RDGCC F & B – October 14, 2020

Hard to believe the end is already here.  We have come so far since the uncertainty we started with in the spring.  As we look towards this winter and 2021 there is so many exciting new things to come.  The addition of Hawks Alley, Friday night dinners and implementing of the strategic plan are just Read More