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RDGCC President’s Memo

Hello Everyone, There is an unmistakable smell of autumn in the air.  As my brother pointed out to me, there is a mere seven weeks of golf left in our season.  Let’s hope that all of September and October are warm and sunny, and we have a long summer and a fantastic fall. Thank you to all Read More

Winding Down

Well unfortunately the season is slowly winding down with about a month left to play. We will be beginning to raise the heights of some of the turf areas including the greens,tees and fairways. This is done in order to insure that the turf is as healthy as possible going into winter. The greens will Read More

Ball Marks and Divots.

BALL MARKS I have noticed a number of members fixing their ball marks lately, which is fantastic, except that the majority that I have watched are fixing them incorrectly and possibly doing more damage than good. Plus remember that we don’t want to stick the ballmark repair tool in the ball mark and pry up Read More