RDGCC President’s Memo – June 3, 2020

Hello Everybody,

I am happy to report that since my last memo on April 30th, we have gained 137 members. We are now at 600 members, which is still 41 members short of the previous year’s year to date totals. Thank you to all members who joined, we need everybody, and the Board appreciates your commitment to the Club.

In Mike Kenney’s latest memo to members (May 29th), he said that he expected that there would be about 5500 rounds played in May. Due to the poor weather on Sunday, we ended up a little short of that number but still busier than May 2019. Talking with Dean Manz, he says it is not uncommon to see 250 rounds played per day, and a couple of days saw close to 300 rounds played. That is an enormous amount of foot traffic.

While the golf course is receiving an incredible amount of play, we also want to encourage everybody to utilize and support RDGCC’s other amenities, namely the pro shop, the clubhouse and snack shack. Dean and the pro shop are fully stocked and can assist anyone with all their golfing needs, whether it be some rain gear, balls, shoes or a new outfit because you experienced a wardrobe malfunction like Tom Brady. In need of new clubs? Consider Dean, Chris, Kirk and Grant first. They were recently named a Top 100 Club Fitter in North America by Callaway! They know their stuff, and they are happy to help you with your game.

Robyn, Debbie and our Executive Chef Ryan in the F&B Department are making a concerted effort to earn your business. They are now offering daily drink and food specials. Please consider joining them before or after golf. We hope you support our clubhouse, and if you like what we are offering, please invite your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is your Club, and your support is both needed and welcomed.

At our board meeting on May 25th, a unanimous decision was made for RDGCC to commission GGA Partners and Overview Consulting to assist the Board in the development of a Strategic Plan for our Club. The Board believes this to be an essential activity, now, as we look to the long term sustainability of the RDGCC. As part of this, we want to know how the golf club is doing, what can be done to improve the member experience and what members want from the Club in the future. Everybody has an opinion, and we would like you to share your opinion with us. Every aspect of the Club will be reviewed, and a clear direction forward will be presented. We expect GGA to have the survey out to members by the end of June or July.

The COVID-19 crisis was an eye-opener for everybody. Changes had to be made, and we all have to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ To heed Winston Churchill’s advice of “never let a good crisis go to waste,” we think this is a good time for the Club to reassess our priorities and go into the future with a firm strategic vision that will guide Board decisions going forward. We want all our oars in the water pulling in the same direction.

When regulations allow, the Board will set up a ‘town hall’ meeting with all members to discuss the results of the survey and a strategic path forward.  At this meeting, we will give details as to how the Club is performing, share information on how we compare to other private clubs, answer questions and listen to comments and suggestions. This is an effort by the Board and management to be more transparent and open to all members.

Thank you again for choosing to be a member of RDGCC.

Keep it on the short grass.


Chung Mah

RDGCC President

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