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Hello Everyone,

There is an unmistakable smell of autumn in the air.  As my brother pointed out to me, there is a mere seven weeks of golf left in our season.  Let’s hope that all of September and October are warm and sunny, and we have a long summer and a fantastic fall.

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey conducted by GGA Partners and participate in the focus groups organized by Mike Kenney.  There was a 59% response rate of all recipients to the survey.  Your feedback and opinions are invaluable to the Club going forward.

Overall, RDGCC is doing well, but some areas need to be looked at to make the member experience more enjoyable and remarkable.  We will have the results of the survey on the RDGCC website in the next few weeks.  If you wish, go through the survey, *spoiler alert*- it’s quite voluminous, and see what responses and opinions are said about RDGCC of your fellow members.  We are also planning a meeting with our membership later in October to discuss both our survey results and the strategic plan (COVID rules permitting).  The date(s) for this meeting will be forthcoming.

The Board and Club Manager took part in a retreat on Saturday, August 29, to discuss the significant items/concerns voiced by the members as priorities and devise a strategic plan so management and the Board can address these opportunities and establish specific action steps.

To highlight some of the issues under consideration, it was made clear – and we have heard – that there is a need to create a better ambiance in our clubhouse.  Hopefully, as soon as we can rectify this issue, more members will utilize the lounge and facilities.  Another item that is on the minds of many members is that we have no activities beyond golf at our “Country Club”.  As a result, we are working towards procuring some simulators so members can work on their game year-round.  We are also considering how we might provide access to the course for members during the winter, so those who want to cross country ski or snowshoe will have a venue to do so.

Another identified priority is the condition of our golf course, specifically the greens and bunkers.  We are trying to alleviate this situation by committing to the purchase of tarps to protect and cover our most vulnerable greens.  These tarps have been proven to be successful when utilized in other Alberta golf courses, and they are a considerable upgrade to the existing tarps.  While there are no guarantees that the tarps will be the saviour to our greens and that we will open 2021 to pristine and wonderful greens, we will be following the best practice available to ensure the best start possible.

On a separate note, I want to bring an issue to your attention that affects the quality of play on the golf course for all of us.  We have to do a better job of replacing divots on our fairways.  If you are a “digger”, please take the additional 20 seconds needed to walk the few steps required to pick up your projectile of sod and replace it in the hole that you took it from.  Heath believes that replacing the divot and stepping down on it is the best way for the turf to recover.  It is not a big deal for anyone to put back their divot, but it shows a tremendous amount of respect for the golf course and the players playing behind you.  Twenty seconds to do the right thing will make our course better and everybody happier.

 Divot Close Up.jpg  Divot Close Up 2.jpg

Nobody should be this brazen and leave these divots unreplaced and unrepaired.  Please practice the mandate that says, “leave the place a little better than you found it.”

As always: 

Keep it on the short grass. 


Chung Mah
RDGCC President

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