RDGCC F & B Memo – August 27, 2020

September is sneaking up on us much faster than I’d like to admit, and with fall approaching days are getting shorter.  Effective Tuesday September 8, tee times will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the snack shack and dining room opening at 9 am.  Beverage cart service will continue until after the long weekend with the final day being Monday September 7.

Our next 9 Wine and Dine Pasta Night will be Friday September 11.  Book your tee time and for $60 guests will receive 9 holes of golf, our pasta dinner feature with a starter and their first beverage.  Members can enjoy our pasta, starter and beverage for $30.

In reviewing the recent member survey, our food and beverage team has found some common questions we wish to clarify.

What gluten free options do we offer?

Our culinary team is always stocked with both gluten-free bread and buns to substitute our usual goods.  Items such as the burger, beef dip, or chicken club can all be made gluten free.  As well, our french fries and Club favorite wings are both gluten free options.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please feel free to check with anyone on our team, as we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Why don’t we use Heinz ketchup?

Back in 2014, Heinz closed its Canadian plant and moved all manufacturing to the United States. We chose to switch to Canadian produced French’s.  While it is still an American company, we use upwards to 500 bottles of ketchup a season and feel it best to support our Canadian based producers.

$8 is too much for a glass of draft. 

At the start of every season we spend time researching popular local business menus for both prices and trending product.  When it comes to draft beer many businesses offer glass sizes between 10-18 oz.  All our draft is served in a 20 oz glass.  When compared per glass we are often a few dollars less while still pouring a larger quantity.  We also price check a lot of our main dishes as we feel value is important.  In a lot of cases our steak sandwich came up $5 less than most competitors AND we cut them in-house with no additional charge for our excellent white wine sautéed mushrooms.

Can we bring our own wine in? 

YES!  Absolutely please do!  We charge a $10 corkage fee and will happily serve your favorite varietal from home.

How often does the menu change? 

In a typical season our culinary team will make adjustments to the menu 3 times (spring, summer, fall).  With most of our guests being the same throughout the year we will look at monthly changes next year to add more diversity.  Check out our menu this weekend for new items!

What’s next? 

This winter our team will be expanding our take out menu to include corporate lunches, family and individual heat at home meals.

Social events will be scheduled soon.  We will incorporate family activities, pasta nights, entertainment , and theme nights to keep members engaged all winter long.

There is creative thinking and planning being done for next seaso.  We have a lot of awesome feedback to review and are excited to make changes.

Looking forward to the next step,

Your Food & Beverage Team

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