May 15, 2017

Thank you very much to those who joined us for Mother’s Day.  The Clubhouse was a busy place!  The winners of our wine baskets were Sally Tettmar and Barb Stang and the flower arrangement lucky winner was Katherine Kohut.  Congratulations!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, two who deserved the best are Majella Russell and Brenda Pattison.  Two weeks ago they joined their husbands Dale and Phil for a friendly game with dinner to follow.  They got to #4 and Dale Russell decided to test the gliding ability of our new Kaddy-Lac carts.  He gave it a shove from the top of the hill and watched helplessly as it toppled over the riverbank.  No worries…he hollered as he hopped over the edge to retrieve his trusty old money makers.  Easier said than done!  That bank is a 10′ drop and quite sandy.  Soon both Phil and Dale were over the edge and struggling to hoist the runaway cart back to the fairway.  Both girls got involved and they joined hands tug of war style to make sure neither toppled over the bank.  I’m not sure what proved more difficult to hoist…the golf clubs or the husbands!!  Anyway after a lot more work than all four bargained for they were able to carry on with their round.  The beer, wine and dinner tasted better than ever!! The moral of the story:  Our carts glide great.  Be sure to read the fall lines before letting them go!

It seems like our season has just begun, but already there have been a few Junior events and our Juniors are doing us proud.

Logan Graf won the Pee Wee division in MJT Tour Events at Paradise Canyon (78-79) and Carstairs (79-73) the last two weekends.  One is good…two in a row exceptional.

At Golf Canada’s Pacific Future Links Championship at Chilliwack last week both Chandler McDowell and Carter Graf played well and are now exempt for the Canadian Junior.  Chandler shot 69-67-72 to finish 4th and Carter 71-71-69 and was tied for 6th.  Great golf!!

Red Deer Golf and Country Club members are reminded to lock their cars and to keep valuables out of sight.  While we haven’t heard of anyone losing anything yet there have been situations that warrant us keeping our eyes open.  If members notice unusual activity in the lot or non-golfers hanging around the property please call the office or golf shop.

This Saturday we have a 9, Wine & Dine with Pasta Night.  Members can book tee times one week in advance for 9, Wine & Dines, and reservations are strongly recommended following play.

Tuesday May 23 is Girl’s Night Out.  RDGCC female members, and wives and girlfriends of male members can book tee times and bring their friends for a $25.00 guest fee.

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