Just a few things to keep our course in the best possible condition

Morning from Turfcare!
After observing things so far this spring, a few things have come up and a few questions asked. I hope to clarify a few of those things.

Fairway Divots

I’m not sure what the policy has been in the past but please replace the divots that you take out of the fairway. A “divot” or “pelt” as people call them is a piece of turf that has some root mass attached to it. If you can pick it up and it stays together please replace it and tamp it down with your foot. Any that are not replaceable please fill with the sand divot mix. The divots are not being replaced and they are unsightly on the fairways and they cause problems with our mowers. Also a good number of these divots WILL survive. If they don’t, our crew will pick them up and replace them with sand. Our mowers will flip out dead divots in most cases.


Power carts.
Please take care in where you drive your power carts. pick a good spot to leave the cart path and get onto the fairway,carry on down the fairway (prefered over rough) and then enter the cart path at a good point back at the green. We are really trying to get some better turf conditions around the greens and we need help to keep some of the wear patterns to a minimum. Turfcare will place stakes and ropes at the areas of the greens surrounds that need to be protected from carts. please follow the signs.
Pull Carts.
Although pull carts don’t really cause much problems with wear or compaction, they do force people to walk in a certain area. If you are carrying, you can walk straight across the green anywhere which most people will do. If you are pulling a cart, you are required to stay off the green and therefor walk between the green and the bunker in most instances. If you can avoid that path, please do, around the back of the bunkers is a preferred path. I know that most people don’t want to walk any more than necessary and I don’t blame them but keep in mind we are trying to provide the best turf conditions as possible around the greens. Especially at the time of year when everything is recovering from winter damage.

Grass Tee on driving range
Please refer to the article posted earlier on how to take a divot pattern when hitting off the grass teeing area of the range or practice tee at back of range.


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