July 2, 2019

We have changed up the menu slightly as we move into the summer.  We will continue with daily lunch and dinner features to ensure variety and good choices.  Some of our new items include Beef or Chicken Tacos, 2 new Flatbread Pizzas, and Ginger Beef.

We have two Pasta Nights scheduled in July on Saturday July 13 and Saturday July 27.  Reservations are recommended.

Did you know that many of the herbs and vegetables used regularly in our kitchen are homegrown?  Our garden and green house is a definite asset.

We have been contracting with an animal control company to deal with geese for a number of years.  They monitor the RDGCC regularly in April and May to identify nests etc.  2019 is the first year that we have had to call them back to gather up some walk-ons and this year we will do it twice!  So far over 150 of the little beauties have been removed and there must be another 50 or 60 on site today.  Our contractor is busy…let’s hope they get back out before they fly.

Thanks to RDGCC members and guests for using the sand and seed bottles provided.  Please replace those divots that are solid enough to do so…otherwise fill the cavities with sand and seed.

We have a busy couple of months ahead.  Friday and Saturday is the Central Alberta Oilmen’s (the course is closed all day Friday).  Monday July 8 is the Rave Designs Showroom Ladies’ Member Guest, Friday July 12 our Past President’s Day, Monday July 15 the Barry Fleming Memorial Tournament, Thursday July 18 Connect Logistics, Friday July 19 the Phone Experts Junior Classic, then July 22 – 26 the 106th Canadian Women’s Amateur.

Speaking of the Women’s Amateur we have girls coming to Red Deer from 13 different countries including the world’s #1 Amateur.  It is going to be a terrific week of golf and a great showcase for the Red Deer Golf and Country Club.  Hopefully it will inspire young girls in Central Alberta to play this great game.  I sent a request to a number of Alberta courses for reciprocal tee times that RDGCC members can use when the Amateur is being played.  The Red Deer Golf and Country Club will be closed Monday and not re-open until Friday afternoon at 4 pm.  My request for times has been very well received.  We will figure out a fair way to post the times and make them available.  Most of the courses are private and our members will be limited to one visit on the recip’s at each facility that week.  We are still in need of billets for the Championship.  If you are able to house a competitor please email us.

Last week I was playing a round and heard from the group ahead of us of a shot that could be described as one in a lifetime!  A group with two power carts were putting on #16 as another 4-some teed off on #3.  The boys putting heard the crack of a tee shot, then the ball hitting a tree…hard.  Next thing you know it is bouncing on the cart path and ends up in the cup holder on one of the carts!  True story!…and a shot or result you couldn’t duplicate if you tried!  Both groups involved will remain nameless…but lots of laughs were had by all!

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