July 17, 2020

Dear Members,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer either here at the Club or wherever you are.  Stay healthy!  As you are mostly likely aware, there is a resurgence of COVID-19 cases so please take all the precautions necessary to avoid this virus.

Survey Final Day

For those of you that have not yet completed the survey sent out to you on June 29, this is the final day to get this done.  Your input is vital to what is currently happening at the Club, but even more critical in helping us know the direction for how the Club should prioritize its energies to give you the experience you want in the future.

Course Maintenance


There might be some confusion about what to do with your divot after hitting a shot. If you look at the picture below, you will notice that there is a good amount of dirt still attached to the grass. If this is the case, please replace the divot from where it was removed, and add a little sand in areas that are not covered.



Next is a picture of ball marks on a putting green. This picture is of hole 8a after someone didn’t clean up their mess after a practice session. You might say that this is a problem related only to that green. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Whether practicing or playing, please fix your ball mark plus at least one more. It is never fun to come onto a green and see this carnage on the greens so please clean up after yourself.

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Dress Code

Please review the RDGCC Dress Code below as we are seeing some members and guests that are violating this standard. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Footwear – Soft spikes or spikeless footwear only.

Clothing – Blue jeans, in good condition, are permitted in the clubhouse area only.  The following restrictions apply to all areas:

General – un-tailored shorts, cut-offs, sweat suits (pants and tops), gym shorts / cycling or board shorts, overalls, pants in frayed and otherwise poor condition may not be worn.  Hemmed, tailored shorts with pockets and “zipper fly” and with minimum five (5) inch inseams are permitted.  Blue jeans are not permitted on the golf course and practice areas.

Male attire – golf shirts with collars are preferred.  Tank tops, t-shirts and muscle shirts may not be worn.  Any shirts with large coloured decals and obscene language may not be worn. 

Female attire – Tank tops, halters, tube tops, cropped tops, “mini” length skirts or dresses may not be worn.  Shirts must have sleeves or a collar on the golf course and practice areas.  Shirts without both sleeves and a collar are permitted in the clubhouse only, as long as appropriate for the occasion.  Any shirts with large coloured decals or obscene language may not be worn.

Headwear – All caps must be worn forward facing on the course, at practice facilities and in the clubhouse.  Junior members must remove headwear in the clubhouse.

8-Minute Tee Time Intervals

Effective July 21, tee times will revert to their traditional 8-minute starting intervals.  This change will add ten more tee times to the day, which we are confident will allow everyone to get the tee times they are hoping to get.

Tee Deck Maintenance

The driving range will be closed every Tuesday from 10 – 11 a.m. for maintenance of the grass tee deck.

Drone Video of Golf Course

On Sunday, July 19, starting at 11 a.m., weather permitting, a company will be out working on a hole by hole aerial video of the golf course.  We will be blocking off a couple of tee times on either side of 11 a.m. to ensure this work doesn’t interfere with your game.  We expect to have the video on the website in four to six weeks.

Red Tee Markers

We are working on adding teeing areas for members wanting to play from the Red Tees.  You will see that there is either an actual tee box or a red plate or red tee marker in a closely mown area on the hole you are playing.

Practice Hole 8a

Now that Hole 5 is back in the rotation, Hole 8a will revert to its usual status as a practice area.  To ensure orderly usage of this practice area, we ask you to observe the following conditions of using this area.

  1. This area will be open for use from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily, weather permitting.
  2. Book up to 2 x 1-hour blocks of practice time no more than a day in advance by calling the golf shop at (403) 340-4461.
  3. Take a power cart and use the road behind 9 green to drive out to 8a. DO NOT cross the golf course.
    1. If you are not old enough to use a power cart, a staff member will drive you out and pick you up at the end of your practice session.
  4. Balls, shag bags and a ball mark repair tool will be adjacent to the green by the tall spruce.
  5. These items, including the practice balls, must be returned to this area at the end of your practice time.
    1. Ball marks must be repaired, and bunkers smoothed out before leaving the area.
  6. Each user is responsible for the upkeep of this area. We ask you to notify the golf shop if you arrive in the area, and it is in a state other than as previously described.


We are looking at updating our portfolio of course/club pictures.  If you happen to take a picture on the property that you think might be something that would look great on our website, email communications, etc. please forward the picture to me at mike@rdgcc.ca.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mike Kenney, CCM, CCE, PGA
General Manager & Executive Professional

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