January 24, 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Sunday dining last night.  A nice crowd with good food and great comments.  Please click on the link below for this coming Sunday’s menu.

Dinner Sunday January 20 2019.pdfDinner Sunday January 20 2019.pdf

The Annual General Meeting of the Red Deer Golf and Country Club is this evening with a 7 pm start All shareholders are welcome to attend.

We are pleased to inform that Phil Pattison has agreed to chair the 2019 Canadian Women’s Amateur.  We will host that event July 22 – 26.  The Ladies Amateur is highly ranked in World Ladies Amateur tournaments.  Golfers from seven countries participated in last year’s tournament at Marine Drive Golf and Country Club in Vancouver.  We look forward to hosting Women’s golf’s finest, and to showcasing the Red Deer Golf and Country Club.

Here are some more changes to the rules:


Loose impediments in a bunker may now be removed or touched, provided the ball does not move.  If the ball moves as a result, there is a one stroke penalty and the ball must be replaced.  Hence, a Local Rule for Stones in Bunkers will no longer exist as the Rules will allow their removal.

The Rules will now allow the player to generally touch the sand in a bunker with a hand or a club, but there are limitations.  For example:

-You cannot touch the sand in a bunker when making a practice swing or in the backswing for the stroke.

– You cannot deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with your hand, club, rake or other object to test the condition of the sand to learn information for the stroke.

-You cannot touch the sand in a bunker with a club in the area right in front of or right behind the ball, except when searching or removing a loose impediment or movable obstruction.

There is NO longer a penalty for striking the sand in anger or frustration, or for leaning on a club in the sand away from the ball while waiting to play.

Putting Greens

Damage to a putting green may be repaired.

Damage is described in the Rule and it means any damage caused by a person or outside influence and includes ball marks, old hole plugs, turf plugs, shoe damage (such as spike marks) and scrapes or indentations caused by equipment or the flagstick.  Any repair must be done promptly.

It does NOT include natural surface imperfection, disease, aeration hole or natural wear of the hole.


The player can now putt leaving the flagstick in the hole, but the player must decide this before making the stroke.

There is NO penalty if the ball strikes a flagstick left in the hole prior to the stroke, or for a ball accidentally striking a flagstick that is attended or removed.

If the player elects to putt with the flagstick in the hole, it must NOT be moved after the stroke to affect where a ball in motion may come to rest.  It may only be removed when there is no reasonable possibility that the ball will strike the flagstick.

If a ball rests against the flagstick in the hole and part of the ball is below the level of the lip, the ball will be considered holed, even if the entire ball is not below the surface.  There is no longer the requirement to move the flagstick to see if the ball falls into the hole.  The ball may simply be picked up.

Reservations have already started coming in for our Billy Joel / Elton John Tribute Friday March 29.  The cost is $67 plus GST with gratuity extra.  Our menu that evening is:

Surf n’ Turf

Choice of Steak or Chicken, with Scallops Oscar, lemon herb roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

We are also taking reservations for Valentine’s Day Thursday February 14.  Executive Chef Ryan Poole has created the menu below with you and your sweetheart in mind.  Call 403-347-5441 to reserve a place for Valentine’s or March 29th.

Valentine’s Day

Filet Mignon w/butternut squash ravioli, peppercorn café au lait sauce, grilled asparagus and roasted heirloom tomatoes   $40

Sirloin Steak and Lobster Tail, veal jus, potato pave and grilled asparagus   $42

Skin on Chicken breast with chipotle roasted tomato jus, squash puree, honey glazed carrots and pan-seared fingerling potatoes   $36

Skin on Kuterra Salmon with lemon caper sauce, grilled asparagus, roasted heirloom tomatoes and pan-seared fingerling potatoes   $38

Valentine’s Day entrée will include a starter salad.

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