Friday May 22, 2020

Good Afternoon Members,

After reviewing the length of our email to you last Friday, we decided that we would break up the information into more bite-sized pieces.  You will receive an email from the Food & Beverage department every Thursday, and another from me regarding the remainder of club operations every Friday.  We hope to limit Club emails to no more than two per week from now on.

You will have noticed that our tee sheet now starts daily at 7 a.m., and we have moved to 9 minute instead of 10 minute tee time intervals.  These changes, along with the tee sheet working correctly again, should allow you to get the time you want more regularly.  Please inform us immediately if you have any further issues with the tee time booking software.

We will be playing 18 holes on regular greens starting tomorrow morning. Due to the winter damage on the fifth hole, we don’t expect to be playing that hole until late June to early July.  I think you will agree that 8a is a pretty decent alternative.  You will see the Turfcare team patching areas on other greens so that we get the best playing surface as soon as possible.  Finally, we have been able to hire a few more workers, so we expect to present a more fully prepped course to you more of the time.

Last week I spoke about the responsibility that you, as shareholders and members, have in helping maintain the golf course by “foot” raking bunkers you play from, replacing divots or filling the divot with sand and fixing ball marks on the greens.  The time you spend on these small but critical maintenance practices makes a huge difference to the playability of the course to other members and their guests.  Thank you for your cooperation in doing these tasks, as the course already looks much improved!

It is our sincere hope that everything we, the staff, do at the Club will be to your satisfaction and that you will think of the Club as a home away from home.  The things we do include the goods and services provided in both the Golf Shop and in the food service outlets.  If we are not meeting your needs in either of these areas, please let me know at your earliest convenience.  Otherwise, we would encourage you to visit these areas more regularly and support the Club through your ongoing patronage.  The long-term health of the Club is dependent on how well you support the Club outside of your annual dues.  Additionally, bringing your business meetings or family events to the Club, all within the new health parameters, is extremely helpful to the success of your Club. As Shareholder owners and members, thank you for thinking of the Club when it comes to purchasing golf merchandise as well as when you are looking for a site for a business meeting or dining out.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at (403) 347-5441 with any questions or comments you have.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mike Kenney, CCM, CCE, PGA
General Manager & Executive Professional

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