Well I hope everyone is having a great season so far. I would hope we have a few more months of great golf weather in store.

We in the turfcare department wanted to put out a bit of a reminder regarding some golf course etiquette.

Fairway Divots
I believe that in the past there was talk regarding what to do when you take a fairway divot. The method that was accepted was to fill the divot with sand if you take one.
This is still the case but in a number of situations this divot should be replaced. A large divot WILL grow back if replaced and tamped down correctly. When you take a “meaty” divot please pick it up, replace, and step down with your foot. In many instances this divot will be just fine and grow back. If there is no substance to the divot then please fill with sand and smooth with your foot. The following picture illistrates divots that should have all been replaced.
Not only are these take a long time to grow back, they also cause problems with the fairway mowers and are very unsightly.

Thanks very much.

Ball Mark Repair

Some members have asked me how we would like the ball marks fixed?
Please take a moment to look at the following illustration that shows how to properly fix a ball mark.

Divot Patterns when using the grass driving range tee.
The following illustrates the divot pattern that we would like to see followed when hitting balls on the grass teeing area of the driving range



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