Ball Marks and Divots.


I have noticed a number of members fixing their ball marks lately, which is fantastic, except that the majority that I have watched are fixing them incorrectly and possibly doing more damage than good.

Plus remember that we don’t want to stick the ballmark repair tool in the ball mark and pry up as this damages the roots and doesn’t remedy the situation.  What we DO want to do is push in from the sides to close the mark. Please see the following illustration that shows the correct way to complete this.



Please remember to REPLACE any divots that are taken off of a fairway as most of these will heal. I believe in the past it has been asked that you not replace the divot but just fill with sand. This leaves a number of large holes that need to fill in over time as well the divot is left on the fairway causes a unsightly mess and would normally heal if put back and tamped down with your foot.


Thanks everyone for taking care of your course!


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