APRIL 30, 2020

The golf course is ready to go. As soon as Premier Kenney and the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hinshaw give us the OK, RDGCC is prepared and looking forward to the first tee ball being struck down the middle of the first fairway. After six weeks of talking about social distancing, self-isolation and pandemic, it will be refreshing to change the topic to birdies, pars and bogeys.

At the most recent Board meeting on April 27th, the Board was told that the Club is down 135 members from last year, 50 of which are shareholders. With all the uncertainty that exists, it is understandable why some people have delayed in joining.  However, we need Everybody to be on board if RDGCC is to make it through this year and, in fact, survive. The loss of revenue from F & B sales, cancelled tournaments and events like weddings, all brought on because of the pandemic, is significant and severe for the Club’s sustainability.

There is no way to sugar coat this but, if nobody else joins for the rest of the year, it will put RDGCC in a very precarious financial position. For its part, the Board and management have done a thorough financial review to reduce expenses and conserve as much working capital as possible. We still want to deliver as good a golf experience as possible within the current governmental constraints. Some of the actions taken thus far include taking advantage of all available government subsidies for which we qualify, deferring capital expenditures, deferring mortgage payments and property taxes and furloughing staff.

We are now asking for Everybody’s help to do their part. To those shareholders and members who have made their commitment to your Club for this year, thank you. However, we now need individuals who have not yet joined to please go ahead and do so. Your joining is so important a matter that a member of the Board or management team will be calling every person on the non-member list. We are committing to this to make sure that Everybody is aware of the gravity of the situation and to encourage you to commit to payment of your membership fees. For our part, there will be no stone left unturned.

This year, more than any other in recent memory, we need our members to come through and act as “owners” of RDGCC, which we all are, rather than just being customers. It is our course, and the goal is to ensure its health and vitality.

To paraphrase, John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your golf course can do for you but what you can do for your golf course.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, Mike Kenney or any member of your Board.

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