APRIL 3, 2020

We know that this is an extremely challenging time for you, and those that are closest to you, and appreciate the care you are taking to ensure we stop COVID-19 as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience in the scarcity of details we are providing as we prepare for the 2020 golf season. We wish we could be more specific in what lies ahead, but this isn’t possible at this time. As soon as we can finalize particulars for opening, we will forward them to you, so you will have the information you need to use the Club safely and enjoyably.

We feel, probably like you, that the social and physical distancing we are required to do has disconnected us from the world, and it can be a very lonely place. We know the Club is a second home to many of you, and in these dark days, the relevance of this connection is doubly essential. We are committed to providing some optimism and hope as we look ahead to the golf season and the time when we all can reconnect in a more meaningful way.

Starting soon, we will be personally connecting with as many of you as possible to ensure you are okay and if there is anything the Club can help with at this time. We want to help wherever, and however, we safely can! You will be seeing more information coming from the Club, on all our media platforms, to give you a look into what our various departments are doing to be ready for you when you can come back to the Club. Please look in your inbox, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as we start to roll out content for you.

In my message from last week, we talked about the various steps the Club is taking to be fiscally responsible during this crisis. We were hoping that we would be able to avoid layoffs, but this isn’t the case. We have now laid off most of the clubhouse staff. We are using an EI program that will save the Club significantly in payroll costs but also allow these staff members to retain the vast majority of their income. These individuals are crucial to our operations and will be called back to active duty as soon as possible.

Please continue to be safe and do all you can to ensure your health and well-being and that of your loved ones and the community around you. Let us find ways to support and thank those that are working tirelessly on the frontlines in the struggle against this coronavirus. Let us also find ways to help those that are less fortunate than us. I am confident that as we find ways to help, the social and physical distancing will not seem such a burden, and we can find happiness, even during a pandemic.

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