April 24, 2017

Our Opening Reception was held Friday April 21.  Thanks to everyone that attended, it was a nice evening.

At the reception Club President Lynn Booth made an informative presentation.  I thought it was something every member might like to hear so have included it in this email.

“Good Evening.  On behalf of my fellow Board members I want to welcome all of our returning members as well as those of you who are joining us for the first time in 2017.  We are pleased that you have all chosen to spend your time and hard earned money at the Red Deer Golf and Country Club.  We assure you we value both and are committed to providing the best golf value and experience possible.  We know there are lots of options out there for your entertainment expenditure and appreciate your decision to join the RDGCC family.

I know that you are anxious to know how the membership numbers look for 2017 and, while we continue to have membership applications roll in, particularly in the Intermediate categories, it appears that our number of members will match and perhaps slightly exceed 2016 levels.  As of our most recent financial statements for the period ended March 31, we have achieved 83% of our 2017 budgeted membership revenue.

Our initiatives to attract new young members in the Intermediate and Associate categories appears to be having the desired effect as a recent analysis of our membership reveals that about 63% of our membership is 60 or younger and only 12% of our members are 70 or older.  We believe our recent move to allow adult relatives of active shareholder members to play at the same rate as a shareholder with full privileges will encourage more young family members of our shareholders to enjoy our Club.  We will continue to focus on getting younger as this is the key to a long term, stable membership.

As you enjoy your play this season you will experience little disruption related to course improvements as we have no major renovations planned for this year.  We have completed virtually all of our capital expenditures for this year as most of the additions are related to the golf course maintenance equipment and food and beverage operations equipment and furnishings which are required from the outset of our season.  Members will enjoy new furnishings in our Snack Shack deck and legacy lane areas.  We are introducing 50 new Kaddy-Lac push carts that the walking members will enjoy and we have replaced 1/4 of our riding cart fleet as part of our ongoing power cart renewal program.  A long needed new rough mower and a new turf vacuum/sweeper will allow our Superintendent Heath Koch, to provide us with an even more well-groomed and maintained course.  In total we will spend in the neighbourhood of $330,000 on new equipment and we are, to date, slightly under budget on our purchases.

The Board has a busy agenda for the 2017 season beyond the normal golf operations.  We have established a committee to examine our current share and initiation fee policy.  That committee has already commenced the task of gathering information related to the policies of similar private clubs to determine if our current rates are competitive and if there might be other models being employed elsewhere that would be more appropriate for our situation.  The committee will complete its work and make a recommendation to the Board prior to the end of our current season.

We have also struck a committee to explore and recommend an appropriate way to commemorate our 100th anniversary which will occur in 2022.  We anticipate they will identify a suitable project and, once approved, continue on to see it to completion.  We will keep you updated on the progress of both committees.

I think that brings you up to date on the current state of our Club, we are anxiously looking forward to a good summer.  We have a full slate of departmental managers returning this year so we are confident the delivery of golf and dining services will meet your expectations this year.  We believe all the parts are in place to take advantage of good weather and so we are now in the hands of the gods.  Thank you again for coming out tonight.  Enjoy your year and, please, feel free to approach myself and other Board members with comments and suggestions.”

Thanks again to those who attended the Opening Reception and for your positive comments on the food and beverage.  The Red Deer Golf and Country Club is open for play and booking tee times as usual.  As the forecast improves we will be busy so plan ahead.

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