Custom Fitting

“Some Feedback After A Few Rounds With My New Clubs. I’m Not Sure What To Say Other Than It’s The Best Golf I Have Ever Played! Striping Irons At The Green, Longer Off The Tee, I love My New Clubs & Look Forward To Some Great Fun On The Course This Summer!”- A Very Happy Custom Fit RDGCC Member

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Why is Custom Fitting Important?

 People who play golf are not all the same size

Because golfers are not all the same size they may need a club that has a flat or upright lie angle as well as a club that is shorter or longer than standard.  This is determined by hitting off of an impact board and using face tape on the golf club.

 Golfers do not have the same swing tendencies

Because golfers have different swing tendencies they may need a ladies, senior, regular, stiff or extra stiff shaft.  They may also need a graphite or a steel shaft.  We need to watch ball flight (outdoors) in order to make the correct recommendation.

 Their outcome goals are different

Some golfers may want to draw the ball, fade the ball, hit it higher or hit it lower.  What ever your goal may be, custom fitting can help you achieve it.  We will determine your goals at the start of the fitting.

Does It Cost More To Get Custom Fit Clubs?

Absolutely not! You will be fitted for the ideal set that suits your game at no extra cost. The fitting process takes 30 minutes and is our service to you in finding the perfect fit for your game!


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